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A/V Controllers | Turning Your Home into a Total Home Entertainment Experience

No other manufacturer has as comprehensive a lineup of multi-room controllers as ELAN. They allow you to enjoy the same or different audio and video in every room or area of the house. From three areas of audio to a sophisticated 32 areas of audio and video, ELAN g! Series A/V controllers offer the features, flexibility and price options that make it happen.

S1616A Integrated Multi-Room Audio Controller/Amplifier
A 16-channel multi-zone amplifier/controller that combines the functionality of the ELAN D16 amplifier and S128P multi-zone controller into one component that simplifies and lowers the total cost of installation. Supports 8 stereo or 16 mono inputs and outputs with audiophile amplification.
S86A Integrated Multi-Room A/V Controller
The S86A is the amplified version of the S86P and features an integrated 12 x 40WPC power amplifier. It also incorporates bass, treble, loudness EQ and programmable turn-on levels for each zone, whole-house music and A/V source-sensing for system feedback at touch panels.
C2 Communications Controller
Transform any multi-room audio system into a multi-line communications network that seamlessly integrates intercom, telephone and automation features. Speak with visitors at any door, activate door latches, place callers on hold, mute or un-mute music, control garage doors and lighting.
gMV64 UltraMatrix HDMI & Audio Switcher
The gMV64 delivers unprecedented flexibility with 34 audio input paths, 20 audio output paths and the ability to carry HDMI, Ethernet, serial and IR signals over a single cable via HDBaseT. Requires powerful HDRE receiver for decoding HDBaseT at each remote location. Program in hours, not days, with ELAN g!.
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