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Speakers | Great Sound Anyway You Want

ELAN has an architectural speaker for virtually every application. From basic background or dual channel locations to high performance in-ceiling cinema speakers, we've got your needs covered. Our new "MDU" speakers include a dampening enclosure to prevent sound from being transmitted from one room to another. Finally, don't forget about our high performance outdoor speakers when you need music on the patio or deck.

Architectural Ceiling Speakers
Elios Architectural Ceiling Speakers feature a 2-way design that optimizes the use of custom 7-inch woofers and 1-inch pivoting tweeters. The Elios line features Architectural Ceiling Speakers that provide you with the quality sound, uncompromising construction needed for today's multi-room audio applications.
  • Stationary Woofers Models E70C, E71C, E72C
  • Pivoting Woofers Models E73C, E74C, E75C
Architectural Dual-Voice Coil Ceiling Speakers
Dual voice coil speakers are designed to provide stereo sound and imaging in areas where only one speaker can be installed. Elios Dual voice Coil Speakers are designed to provide THE BEST stereo sound and imaging possible from a single speaker.
  • Models E72D, E73D
Architectural In-Wall Speakers
For applications where only in-wall speakers will do, Elios has two high-performance models with 7-inch woofers and pivoting 1-inch tweeters that deliver full, rich, accurate sound to even the largest of rooms.
  • Models E71W, E72W
Cinema Ceiling Speakers
Elios Cinema Speakers take in-ceiling Home Theater sound reproduction to the next level. All five models are of a 3-way design that features custom 9-inch woofers with larger magnets for increased output and tighter bottom end. The 2.5-inch mid-range and 3/4" tweeter are mounted on a bridge with a fixed 30° angle from the woofer's audio axis.
  • Models E91C, E92C, E93C, E94C, E95C
Cinema In-Wall Speakers
Using a finely-tuned array of dual woofers, pivoting dome tweeters and custom "Q" multi-pole crossover networks, Elios Cinema In-Walls produce beautiful imaging and sonic excellence across the entire frequency spectrum. As front stage left, right, center - or rear channel surround - all three Elios Cinema In-Wall models shine in any home theater application.
  • Models E752W, E552W, E532W
MDU (Multiple-Dwelling Unit) Speakers
In response to Electronic Systems Contractors from around the world these Elios models were engineered to provide performance, sonic focus and long-term dependability in the shallow and challenging spaces of modern MDU construction techniques. Ceiling and on-wall models.
  • Models ES71C, ES412
O Series Speakers
From the patio to the pool, on a boat or even inside on a bookshelf, ELAN O Series Outdoor Speakers deliver the sound your customers want, anywhere they want it. Their unique acoustic design delivers a deep, clean bass that beautifully compliments the accurate highs and warm mids - making them ideal for all types of music at any volume. Their all-weather cabinet design makes them the ideal speaker for just about any environment. Available in five different models.
  • Models OM650S, OM650, OM525, OE650, OE525
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