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System Controllers | Making Sure it All Happens
at Your Command

ELAN g! Series System Controllers put you in complete control of every part of your technology-centric life, managing your primary home, vacation home and business. These remarkable, easy-to-use controllers allow you to effortlessly operate your entertainment, lighting, security, energy, and irrigation systems in any room you choose - or from anywhere in the world.

g1 System Controller
The g1 breaks new ground by providing a rich on-screen display (OSD) interface, an elegant hand held remote, and everything you need to integrate with third-party solutions. Where a universal remote might only provide access to media and maybe lighting, the g1 intelligently integrates with systems that provide real value.
gSC2 System Controller
System integration is evolving, and the new gSC2 is culmination of this evolution. Featuring a faster CPU, more memory, updated I/O and updated connectivity, the gSC2 is positioned to be the go-to controller for small-to-medium sized integration projects.
gSC10 System Controller
System integration is evolving, and the new gSC10 is culmination of this evolution. Featuring a faster CPU, more memory, extensive I/O and updated connectivity, the gSC10 is designed to integrate medium to extra-large projects.
HC12 System Controller
Integrate nearly unlimited ELAN A/V controllers, Sunfire A/V Receivers, display devices, in-home sources, with built-in two-channel audio server capability. The HC12 stores and streams two sources of digital music out and records IP security cameras.
HC8 System Controller
For whole-house entertainment and control or second home management and security camera recording. Mounts easily on a wall or in an ELAN structured wiring can in a basement or closet. Includes hard drive content storage and video out for the on-screen display.
HC6 System Controller
An entertainment-centric controller that provides the same integration as its big sister, the HC12, but with fewer I/O ports and without the hard drive. Add your own NAS Drive to stream two music sources and add DVR video storage.
HC4 System Controller
The perfect single room controller can expand into whole-house control. It streams one digital music source with video for an on-screen display. Pair the HC4 with the HR2 for the most powerful, compact remote control available for media and home control integration.
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