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Welcome to the ELAN 8.3.500 Beta Program

The comprehensive new release, slated for April 2019, adds support for new ELAN Interactive Touch Panels, the ITP-8 and ITP-12, including Facial Recognition functionality, personalized flyouts and Integrated Alexa. Updates to Surveillance, device drivers including Ecobee, LG TV, and several feature and performance enhancements,

Features include ELAN 8.3.500 (Beta 4) include

  • ELAN Interactive Touch Panel (ITP-8, ITP-12) Support
    • Built-In Facial Recognition by Intellivision
    • Built-In Amazon Alexa functionality
      • ITP Alexa client can be enabled right from the viewer interface
    • Personalized Flyout with customizable Media, Climate & Lighting favorites
  • Surveillance Updates
    • Advanced Object Classification will identify “Vehicle,” in addition to “Person” classification introduced in ELAN 8.3, in the camera frame differentiating from general motion events.
    • Clip Export via the ELAN Mac and PC Viewers
    • NVR Pre-Play Offset
    • NVR Post-Recording 
  • Device Drivers
    • Ecobee/Carrier COR Thermostats
    • August Locks
    • LG TV IP update
  • Touchpanel Alarm w/ Lighting & Shade Support
    • Update to the popular TP Alarm function now includes access to lighting and shade controls.
  • Dozens of Fixes and Enhancements
    • See “Release Notes”

What we need from our Beta Testers

  • Install Beta updates as they are released. You will receive an email notification for each major update.
  • Timely reporting of any issues via the BETA REPORT FORM
  • Work with our beta team if additional information and testing needed for your reported issues.
  • Provide general feedback on the software features and implementation via the BETA REPORT FORM.
  • Provide suggestions and corrections for our draft documentation via the BETA REPORT FORM.
  • Please do not contact ELAN Tech Support with questions about ELAN Beta software. Please send questions & feedback to the Beta team via the BETA REPORT FORM.

Where to get it:

Stay connected and worry free

“We can log in no matter where we are and see what is going on in real time. Between the security system and the cameras, we’re never more than a few taps away from our home. The ELAN g! system helps us stay connected and worry free.”

– Sarah Huff, Homeowner and ELAN Customer