Management Cloud Early Adopters

The Management Cloud is an entirely new platform that will give you visibility over all of your ELAN intelligent home and business deployments and provide full control of every element from anywhere. As the platform evolves, the Management Cloud will integrate with other products & services in the Nortek Security & Control portfolio to help you grow your business.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this program! 

The Management Cloud Team

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The Management Cloud enables multiple opportunities for revenue and profit. Key features at launch include:

  • Faster, More Hassle-Free Installations
  • Responsive component-level monitoring to facilitate proactive support
  • Customer Relationship Management solution to manage intelligent home deployments
  • Controlled Software & Doc Access to ensure only authorized dealers have access, not end users and former dealers
  • Ensured Communications from ELAN so you and your techs do not miss a tech alert, product announcement or offer.
  • Analytics & Insight into your customers to inform sales strategies
  • One-stop-shop for transacting with NSC (Support, Sales) and maintaining deployments
  • NSC products and their attached rolled up into a common platform for easy administration


Step 1:  Apply for a Management Cloud OWNER Account

This Early Adopters program is by invitation only. Owners of the company or their Proxy go to to register for an account.  Once your account has been approved you will receive an email to verify your address, and a subsequent email containing your temporary password. Once signed in, an Owner can add employees (Users) to the account, so do not submit multiple registrations requests for the same company.

Step 2:  Download and Install the Management Cloud Application 

See installer link below. This is a Windows 10 application that will also install Configurator and PC Viewer. 

Step 3:  Log in, update your password and start exploring

See user guides and video tutorials for details, but the interface and nomenclature should be familar to you. 

 Note: Controllers must be running ELAN core release 8.3.11 or later when adding as a Location in Management Cloud. The Quick Connect function in Management Cloud is not dependent on the core release version running on the controller.





00:00 Intro 04:27 Add Client Contact 18:01 Help & Support
00:07 Application 04:43 Add a Location 18:50 Groups
00:29 Login  09:55 Alerts & Notifications 21:58 Rename a Controller
00:51 Profile Details 11:45 Quick Connect 24:00 Location Notes
01:12 Profile Settings 14:30 Search 24:56 Misc. Features & Functions
01:30 Add Users 15:55 Watchlist 28:16 Roles & Location Permissions
03:54 Add Client 16:51 Downloads 30:33 Outro

A home completely free of wall switches

“With our creative designs and the ELAN system we were able to create a home completely free of wall switches. There is not a single light switch on the wall because all the lights including the many, many colored LED lights are controlled through the ELAN system.”

– Chad Moore, DeBoards