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The ELAN New Home Program

The ELAN New Home Program

With homebuyer interest in smart home control and automation surging to all-time highs, builders across the country are looking to make easy-to-use systems standard in all of their luxury and move-up homes. Smart builders are also developing strong upgrade paths atop their standard packages to increase revenues, profits and customer satisfaction. 

For almost thirty years, ELAN has been working with builders to deliver innovative, rock-solid reliable home automation systems worldwide. We tailor ELAN to your business and your customers, integrating the latest in home automation, voice control through Alexa, streaming entertainment and the best subsystem products (lighting, climate, security, etc.) on the market. We deliver complete systems that will help you capture business from Millennials to Boomers, win the market share battle vs. existing homes and other builders, and most important, delight your homebuyers


Builder Benefits

  • Aggressively priced and powerfully featured base packages.
  • Outstanding direct manufacturer support and oversight ensures successful deployment of the technology into your project. Packages are tailored for your business and personalized for your buyers.
  • Industry-leading model home and incentive programs.
  • Support by a group of certified top home technology integrators and contractors nationwide who know how to work with builders and support homeowners.
  • Complete solutions, including lighting and climate control, music and speakers, cameras and more.
  • Dedicated ELAN Builder Team solely focused on your success and never delay your project schedule.

Homeowner Benefits

  • Easiest to learn and use, award-winning user-interface.
  • Each system is easily personalized for your buyer.
  • Beautiful industrial design to blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of your luxury and move-up homes.
  • Open-platform, three decade history of integrating the best of today's technology while being ready for tomorrow's innovations.
  • From intercom to irrigation, security to shades, lighting to door locks, music to cameras - ELAN is your One App for all entertainment and home control options.

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Smart Home Automation 

An intelligent, intuitive home is what today’s savvy buyers are demanding. ELAN creates elegant, reliable, and scalable connected home solutions that meet this demand and add to the value perception for every home. And because each homeowner has different needs, the flexible and scalable nature of ELAN lets builders present a common “base” package, then “personalize” the system for each buyer.

Builder and ClientsArchitects: the elegant entertainment and control experience from ELAN presents the integrated solutions your clients require, controling all subsystems that contribute to their lifestyle.

For hospitality, restaurant and other commercial spaces, the intuitive and flexible ELAN interface makes it easy to deliver a remarkable customer experience, adjusting audio or lighting on-the-fly, while keeping you connected when you are on-the-go.

The ELAN Certified Dealer Network

Independent ELAN dealers worldwide are thoroughly trained in all aspects of ELAN system design and installation, so they can deliver the ultimate smart home and automation systems for their residential and commercial clients.

These dealers work closely with you to understand the needs of each project, large or small, then deliver experiences that exceed your expectations. And of course, we are here to help, working closely with all dealers to help them deliver incredible experiences—before, during and after each project.


Builders and Architects:

When ELAN is paired with the award-winning speaker and power protection solutions from SpeakerCraft, Panamax and other innovative brands from Nortek Security & Control, you are able to deliver complete connected home solutions to your customers. 

To learn more about elegant and intuitive smart home solutions for your clients and projects, or to get aligned with a Certified ELAN Dealer in your area, contact Bret Jacob, Director of Builder Services -


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Home and Away

When ‘away’ is clicked, the thermostat drops; every audio and video zone is turned off; and all of the security systems are armed, completely shutting down the home with only one button press.

– Scott Ruzich, Epic AV Automation