Loop Restaurant - Minneapolis

ELAN Sets the Tone for Three Upbeat Restaurants Designed to Entertain

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, restaurant owner Ryan Brevig outfitted three of his trendy bistros with an ELAN control system to provide patrons with state-of-the-art audio and visual entertainment.

When designing Loop- West End, Loop-Rochester and Five West Kitchen + Bar in the Minneapolis area, Ryan Brevig sought to incorporate the most cutting-edge entertainment system that could accommodate any party. That’s why he turned to Pat McPherson at XTREME Integration to design and install an AV system that includes impressive technology along with the ability to alter each eatery’smood, energy and atmosphere at a moment’s notice. To make it all possible, McPherson relied on ELAN -- the control system at the heart of each AV upgrade- to help continually transform the atmosphere ineach of Brevig’s restaurants.

“In order to survive in a somewhat fickle industry, I knew that my restaurants had to be extremely dynamic,” Brevig explained. “That’s why I had to install an AV system with a central control system that allows my staff to easily alter a restaurant’s atmosphere and mood with audio and visual content. Without ELAN, this vital transformation wouldn’t be possible.”

To ensure that control is quick and easy, each set of employees has the ELAN mobile app on their phones to operate the system at will, in addition to two ELAN touch panels and one Apple iPad securelymounted into the walls. This allows any employee on duty to assist in switching the inputs over from one system to another, or to simply accommodate a guest’s request. “Waiters have told me that customers think it’s cool when they whip out their phone on the spot to change a song,” Brevig added. “The capability certainly adds an element of interest on the customer’s end.”

“I am going to be installing the ELAN system in two of my other Minneapolis-area restaurants. It helps my facilities look and feel like an entirely different places within seconds- which is what is going to keep restaurants in business in the future.” Ryan Brevig, Minneapolis Restaurant owner

Stay connected and worry free

“We can log in no matter where we are and see what is going on in real time. Between the security system and the cameras, we’re never more than a few taps away from our home. The ELAN g! system helps us stay connected and worry free.”

– Sarah Huff, Homeowner and ELAN Customer