We are now offering free educational training webinars through the month of June. Each webinar is conducted by our certified trainers. We offer a variety of topics and times to best fit your needs and schedule. Register today. 

International ELAN Trainings 

We now offer 8 international trainings! International dealers looking to attend educational / technical trainings, please see the full schedule and register here.

One-off Courses

ELAN Surveillance
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Join us to see how Elan surveillence is a one app solution.
Trainers: Erik Hill

Dates/Times offered:
6/12 from 8am-9am PST
6/26 from 8am-9am PST

ELAN Cloud
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Trainers: Brian Pflum

Dates/Times offered:
6/12 from 11am-12pm PST
6/26 from 11am-12pm PST

ELAN Theme Editor
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Trainers: Josh Tuhtan

Dates/Times offered:
6/10 from 11am-12pm PST
6/24 from 11am-12pm PST

ELAN Interface Tab
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Trainers: Ryan Wilder

Dates/Times offered:
6/10 from 1pm-2pm PST
6/24 from 1pm-2pm PST

Panamax: Signal Line Protection and Connected Equipment Policy
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In this course, we will go over: why you need to protect your signal lines, how to properly protect them, what products we have and our connected equipment policy.
Trainers: Josh Tuhtan, Brian Pflum

Dates/Times offered:
6/17 from 8am-9am PST
6/25 from 12pm-1pm PST

Powerful, affordable control systems

“I expect that more and more companies will choose powerful, affordable control systems like ELAN for their offices in the near future and beyond.”

– Aaron Lawrence, Audio Video Elements