Sensor Integration Module


Easily add ELAN SENSE Sensors to any system. The SIM2 functions as a stand-alone, four sensor input/two relay output module. It provides dry contact closure or 12V output in response to sensor input status.

The SIM2 is a low-cost, simple automation solution designed to work seamlessly with ELAN SENSE Sensors. Built-in relays respond to sensor triggers differently based on conditional logic and/or dip switch settings on the unit. This allows any ELAN SENSE automation sensor, or standard motion, driveway or door/window sensor, to intelligently trigger relays on the SIM2 based on the dip switch settings. The SIM2 is ideal for Home Theater automation applications, or any application that requires the use of automated triggering through the use of sensors.

ELAN SIM2 Features at a Glance
  • Simple automation solution for ELAN SENSE Automation Sensors
  • Four sensor inputs (1 pair for ea. relay)
  • Two relay outputs which provide contact closure or 12 volts
  • Conditional and/or logic dip switches provide intelligent relay triggering
  • No software programming required
  • Mounts on any flat surface (mounting screws & adhesive backing strip incl.)
  • Includes 12VDC, 2.1A Power Supply
ELAN SIM2 Specifications
Shipping Info
  • Length5.7 (Inches)
  • Width5 (Inches)
  • Height2.7 (Inches)
  • Weight0.8 (Lbs)
  • Unit of MeasureEach
  • UPC838029007041
  • Master Pack Qty20
  • Relays (x2)
  • Type NO / NC closed contact relay
  • Max. Rated Load Switched by Relay 0.5A @ 125VAC or 1A @ 24VDC
  • Sense Inputs (x4)
  • Connector 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • Tip +5V power to sensor
  • Ring Contact closure or ELAN SENSE open collector
  • Sleeve Ground
  • Power 5VDC @ 90mA
  • Power Requirements 12VDC, 2.1A
  • Connector Power Output +12VDC @ 0.65A
ELAN SIM2 Warranty

2 Year Limited Warranty.