ELAN UltraMatrix

Much more than an HDMI matrix with HDBaseT/HDMI mirrored outputs, the gMV family of A/V switchers delivers unprecedented flexibility, sending HDMI, Ethernet, serial and IR signals over a single cable. Requires powerful HDRE receiver for decoding HDBaseT at each remote location.

HDMI/Audio Switchers

Created to simplify the connection and distribution of high performance audio and video gear, the UltraMatrix™ series of audio and video switchers defines flexibility.

Inputs and outputs are things that no installation ever seems to have enough of. Even the best engineered projects often run short. Extensive I/O and the flexibility to route signals from any source to virtually any destination serve as the genesis of the UltraMatrix™ A/V switch.

Video sources like satellite, cable and Blu-ray are often used as sources to the audio system. Whether it is to play the big game through the architectural speakers around the house, or to use those same speakers in place of the tiny TV speakers making the connection between video source and audio zone, it tends to be time consuming and created a wiring quagmire. The gMV64 features HDMI audio breakout and Audio Return Program, delivering a simple path for the soundtrack to reach the rest of the house. Lip sync adjustments are available on a zone or source basis to account for timing issues caused by video processors and displays.

HDBaseT and Audio Sources

ELAN gMV1616HDBaseT technology is incorporated to facilitate high definition content distribution. HDBaseT is used to feed monitors 1080P images along with all of the high definition audio formats. HDBaseT also connects control signals and Ethernet to remote areas, enabling control of monitors & sources and providing internet to smart TV's, streaming sources and gaming devices.

Audio sources are accommodated no matter what their output format. The gMV64 is compatible with analog, optical digital and coaxial digital outputs. You are covered whether it is a reel to reel, 8 track, CD changer, cable box or AppleTV©. The gMV64 automatically converts analog to digital and digital to analog allowing signals to bass seamlessly between amplifiers.

Dealer-Friendly and User-Friendly Features

Through your g! gSC series controller the gMV64 is efficiently programmed in hours instead of days. g! maps the connections for you after you set the zone and source parameters. ThegMV64 includes bass/treble/loudness adjustments for the end user and a five band digital EQ for the technician.

End user-centric features like zone grouping and sub zoning along with "Whole House Music," provide a superior user experience while adding a boost to ELAN's world renowned reputation for being the favorite of the integrator and end user alike.

Elegant lighting control

"This is a good solution for builders and homeowners to achieve elegant lighting control designs without breaking the bank.”

– ELAN Integrator