Home Lighting Automation & Climate Control

Imagine a smart home automation system that intuitively caters to your preferences without digital distractions—keeping your family comfortable while you conserve. From lighting, shades and climate control to outdoor systems, ELAN's smart home automation system anticipates your perfect environment.

Home Lighting Automation

Home Lighting Automation

ELAN turns on smart lighting to greet you when you wake up or return home. Expecting company? A single touch sets the perfect party mood. Once you’re ready for bed, double check that all lights are off and security is “on” using your ELAN home automation controller, ELAN smart home panel, personal tablet or phone.

ELAN Climate Control

Smart Home Climate Control

ELAN keeps your home comfortable and energy-smart without a second thought. Intelligent features automatically anticipate your needs for indoor temperatures, managing shades, heating or cooling systems. Remote access also helps you heat and cool more efficiently, turning off systems from your smartphone or tablet if you’ll be away for longer than expected. Finally, ELAN provides a detailed history of your energy consumption, enabling you to monitor usage and make informed decisions without opening a single utility bill.

ELAN Outdoors

Outdoor Home Automation

Schedule your spa to be ready when you are. ELAN makes enjoying your pool and spa even easier by maintaining pumps, lighting, and even automated covers. Love your lawn? ELAN enables you to conserve water by setting up personalized schedules, or give landscapers limited remote access to monitor the system and make adjustments.

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Remote monitoring.

The owners love being able to log into the ELAN App and see how the restaurant is operating, even if they are not there.

– Zack Paradise, Paradise Infotech