Intelligent Touch Panels

ELAN Intelligent Touch Panels


Welcome to the ELAN Intelligent Home.

More than smart... More than connected... Intelligent.

The new ELAN Intelligent Touch Panels elevate the experience for any gSC or g1 ELAN system by using face recognition to personalize the experience for individual users.

And with integrated voice assistant technology, these smart home control panels are fully interactive, unlocking the full power of intelligent home control.

ELAN Intelligent Home


Facial Recognition for a Smarter home

Let’s see your face

The new Intelligent Touch Panels use IntelliVision® Face Recognition technology to personalize the experience for every user in the home with a custom menu of options.

Your ELAN dealer can even personalize your home automation system to set your preferred lighting and temperature, lower your shades, or turn on your favorite music – all just by recognizing your face.


Let’s hear your voice

The Touch Panel’s integrated microphones enable an exceptionally responsive voice interface with Amazon Alexa™.

So go ahead... speak to your smart home control panel from anywhere in the room. No longer do you need to place Echo Dots all around the house – just speak to your Intelligent Touch Panel.

Intelligent Touch Panel  


Intelligent Touch Panels 

Integrated Surveillance Playback

The Intelligent Touch Panel’s high resolution screen is ideal for monitoring and playback from your ELAN surveillance system.

And remember, you never need to leave the ELAN app to view your recorded video. Only ELAN delivers this entirely seamless smart security and surveillance experience.


Easy Upgrade to the Intelligent Home

Add the new Intelligent Touch Panels to any ELAN system using gSC10, gSC2 and g1 smart home controllers, and upgrade your connected smart home system to a truly Intelligent Home.

ELAN has always been the most personalized smart home control experience available and this new layer of intelligence gives you more personalization than ever.

Intelligent Touch Panels

Key Details:

  • Face recognition in the control panel’s camera personalizes the user experience with a flyout menu for instant access to individual smart climate control, lighting and media settings, specially tailored for each user
  • Integrated microphone array extends the voice control interface for ELAN systems
  • Displays high resolution video and provides playback interface for ELAN surveillance
  • 8” or 11.6” diagonal viewable area
  • LCD capacitive touchscreen
  • Edge to edge glass
  • Proximity sensor wakes the panel from sleep without touching as a user approaches
  • 7 button flyout provides instant access to automated lighting scenes, favorites or Event Maps
  • Mounts into drywall, brick, stone, plaster, and wood, using a standard 2-gang US junction box
  • Portrait or landscape mounting
  • Plug and play operation with ELAN Software
  • Locally powered (optional)

Available in two sizes and two colors

Powerful Automation

“That’s what’s so great about the ELAN system—it can perform all these really powerful automation processes but is easy enough for a complete technophobe to operate.”

– Aaron Lawrence, Audio Video Elements